JKPP = Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (referred to photo put on JKPP Flickr Group supplied by subject for this purpose). Hmm. Maybe I saw the reference photo on facebook. Can’t remember.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate


This was inspired by Diebenkorn’s 1963 painting. I was having so much fun that I found myself doing this and that while using any material within reach.

Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper.
Pencil, gouache, gesso, acrylic paint, Inktense pencil, stamp, Stayz On Pigment ink, collage, glue stick.

I spotted mom and son right away. Of course I sat behind them.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate

Vellum, Pilot Parallel Pen, waterbrush

I spotted this across the street from the big Stop & Shop where there just happened to be a convenient parking spot from which to sit and sketch..

Vellum, Pilot Parallel Pen, waterbrush

The last of the Inktober sketches:

#29 the Boars Head truck tucked next to the cigar store caught my eye.

#30 I was way across the street in another strip mall when I spotted this bright yellow truck backed up to the pizza place.

#31 The new location for the discount store that still has Everything. The layout inside is exactly the same and the larger parking lot is full and active. There is a new striped awning and room for seasonal items outside. Feels happy – good for them.

Inktober was fun. Most were drawn when I went out to get coffee at lunchtime. A lot of the others had me purposely driving around hoping something would catch my eye, or while I was at work (coffee break!) or out with the NYC Urban Sketchers. Fun. Enjoyed drawing parts of bigger things in a very small pad. Maybe a habit?

Vellum, Pilot Parallel Pen, waterbrush

More Inktober:

#24 The small produce store next to Dunkin’. I usually shop here when I’m too lazy to go proper grocery shopping.

#25 Spotted her on a railing outside a diner down by Costco.

#26 The produce store again.

#27 This is the deli (charged me $1 for a cup of coffee) next to the Dyckman Farmhouse up in the Inwood section of Manhattan.

#28 One of the Farmhouse windows. The only part of the building that I sketched. I wandered around and suddenly I was drawing it.

Tiny vellum pad, Pilot Parallel Pen, Waterbrush

More tiny Inktober sketches that I posted on facebook.

#19 A snippet of the display outside of a house converted to a business.

#20 Right in front of my neighborhood deli.

#21 Another house converted to a restaurant around the corner from Walgreens.

#22. I like this one the best.

#23 This store carried Everything. If you suddenly needed toothpaste or the sink backed up it was only 1/2 mile away. Now it is empty. Some landlord thing made them move about 2 miles away. I was there the other day (needed sandwich bags) and saw that the sad location move turned out very nicely – loads more business.

#19 Used the last page of Hahnemühle paper (don’t know exact name) #20-23 Vellum paper (3″x4″ pad), Pilot Parallel Pen, Waterbrush

I was reading a book on iPat when this guy sat at the next table. So easy to start sketching.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate

That’s because, even though I was at work, a cupcake was involved.

The tiny 3″x4″ vellum pad that was part of the symposium swag bag. Pilot Parallel Pen, Waterbrush