Day 25. The Delacroix exhibit at The Met was crowded. The exhibition was beautiful but wasted on me. I was happy for the crowds. Stefanie was next to me on the bench, also drawing the viewers. Same people but the sketches were so different.

Day 26. I was early so what better place to hang out. It is interesting on weekday mornings. I can drag out a bowl of oatmeal for an extraordinary length of time.

Day 27. The lunchroom had lots of cake. One of my co-workers was leaving for another job. The woman below was once per diem, left us and is now back full time. A very fluid workforce.

Day 28. Excitement! A harvest festival in the tiny patch of grass, it seems to be referred to as “Carman Avenue Green”, next to Carvel. I drove through the parking lot twice and found a spot with a view.

Small Moleskine
Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen