The day I arrived in Porto I texted Benedicte. She was nearby so I met her in my hotel. Thank goodness. Over the next few days I discovered I was prone to getting lost in the narrow, twisty up and down streets and alleys. I have no memory of it, since I was so dopey from all the travel and airplane movies and no sleep, but I probably got lost that evening after we finally found someplace to eat that suited us both. Before that she took me to all the places she had already discovered. The zillions of steep steps by Ponte Luis I that I found myself on were very alarming in my fuzzy brained state. Oh, what had I gotten myself into. We looked at every menu outside of every restaurant, it seemed, until finally the perfect one appeared and we were both exhausted but happily scarfing down deliciousness. At one point we ran into Mel and his girlfriend but, since I couldn’t remember where we had been, it turned out to be a problem when I was supposed to meet Benedicte there the next day. Oh well – that was the next day’s problem. After dinner I asked Google maps to lead me to the hotel. I had never used GPS thingies – I’m a paper map person – so, at every street corner (no exaggeration) I got lost. It was dark, I was lost, I didn’t cry, I was exhausted, I persevered. Oh, and I was tipsy from the ONE glass of wine at dinner. Tipsy did not help anything. Finally I arrived at the hotel and I discovered a Gelato store with outdoor tables right across the street from the hotel. I can find gelato. I’m never too tired for gelato. I figured out how to get some – foreign country remember – got some, sat outside and then sketched. Everything was OK.

The color was added later in the hotel room.

Stillman and Birn Beta Series sketchbook; Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen; if there is color it will be from Molotow and/or Posca acrylic paint markers.