The USK Symposium ended last evening and I am on my own for two days. Reiberia was my second stop for the day and I ended up staying somewhere in this area until evening. Running into Sketchers and sketching until there was no more sketch left. I turned around, my other drawing of diners was complete, and I now faced the Douro River. There was a line of people sitting on the quay before me watching the boats speed and/or sail by. We were in the large shade provided by the only tree. It doesn’t matter where the sun is, there is always a big pool of shade. There were two benches available that allowed people to face in different directions. The breeze was constant and a bit chilly. Earlier there had been a busker attached to a life-sized dummy, taking up too much of the shade, dancing very entertaining tangos. It was nice when he left. Still crowded but quieter with a really cool view.

iPadPro: Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate