Some of the participants in the recent MoMA Prime Time Portrait Photography workshop, early in June, listening intently. Soon after, we disbursed and I walked around the block for more than an hour snapping portraits, with iPat, of unsuspecting models. I saw the block with different eyes. Previously it was just the block that housed the museum, where I had to navigate through the tourists, and held no other interest for me. That day I discovered that there were zillions of mini-dramas occurring and uncountable jobs being performed and all of it changing with every step I took. I noticed meetings, departures, deliveries, pickups, lunchers, nappers, obviously rich people and a homeless man, hard-hatters working or not, men trying to get an escaping umbrella off a ledge, litterers and sweepers, street venders of food, purses, art, tiny kids, nasty kids – yikes – that boring block turned into a tiny town!

Large Moleskine, Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen