These are still part of the 30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge except my direct painting has now veered entirely into acrylic with just a minor touch, or not, of gouache to add a particular effect. There are no, cross my heart, line drawings underneath the paint. Everything is done with a brush and, I’m pretty sure it’s not my imagination, it seems to have gotten easier. (!)

#9 After Leon Spilliaert, “The Rumor, Wifes (sic) of Fishermen on the Quay”. Reference photo used.

This one I loved painting. Look at it – right up my alley. Not everyone is going to be as happy as I am though. This Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad has only 10 pages. Eight of the paintings I like. The first two paintings (trees!) which I did outside from direct observation, I never did like. Came to hate them. Didn’t consider them part of the challenge. They were screwing with the other paintings – upsetting the “dialogue”. So, #9 was painted over Park #2 which no longer exists.

#10 After Inger Sitter, “Café Scene”. Reference photo used.

I loved doing this even more than #9 and it was painted over Park #1 which has been totally obliterated. Good riddance! The pad is now full of 10 tiny paintings that get along with each other.

I started a new pad and decided to refer to my black/white small Moleskine sketches for the next 10 paintings.

#11 After Mall #61. I still remember them – they were sharing a meal.

#12 After Mall #7. Something was missing so I added the hand carved coffee cup stamps.

30x30directwatercolor2018 (acrylic used).

Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; acrylic, hand carved stamps (#12)