I don’t know how long I’ll actually keep it up but these are gouache paintings I did using reference images. I keep an “Inspiration” folder in iPat (Book Creater app) where I store images that might give me ideas. Of course a collection of Diebenkorn art is the first thing spotted when the folder is opened so that’s where I started.

This is a 30x30directwatercolor2018 challenge on facebook. I’m sticking to gouache. Perhaps I’ll eventually get the faces right.

These are tiny 3″ x 5″ paintings, the paper really likes the paint. It is awkward not having a drawn line but I’m trying to take a breath, look at the image and plot how to tackle things with only the brush.

Every single one lingered in a really ugly, awful horrible stage but I’ve learned from years of other things to keep going and maybe I’ll end up surprised.

#30x30directwatercolor2018 (gouache used)
Reference photos were used.
Tiny Hahnemühle Bamboo mixed media pad; gouache