It seems that “back in the day” folks carried book bags. I made sure I sketched this before the new exhibit opened, which was taking over significant space in the medieval galleries, and I correctly assumed standing-still- quietly-sketching-space would be at a premium if it even existed.

On a previous visit to The Met I spotted a painting I wanted to copy for this prompt. I noted it down and went on my way. Of course, when I went back, ready to copy it, the gallery was closed off. That’s ok. Max Beckmann always satisfies me.

I tried. Couldn’t find any fried eggs in the museum so I chose this painting and copied a small portion of it.

My first choice for this topic was all the way at the other end of the museum, which is also being affected by the new exhibit. It took me a long time to locate the item only to discover it was tiny, on a shelf that required me to stand on tippy toes without touching anything for balance and was poorly lighted for my eyes. My second choice was in gallery 171, home to the millions of old objects, and all the way back to the other side of the museum. I’ve racked up a lot of mileage on my pedometer.

Everyday in May 2018. Sketched from direct observation.
#23 color added at home referring to a photo I snapped after completing the drawing; #24 background finished in the museum’s cafeteria.

Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper ;Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen, Tombow dual brush