I spotted this drawing while wandering through an exhibition that didn’t interest me at all. I went into the gallery hoping, on the off chance, to find something showing a “bird’s eye view” which we now know I spotted on my way from here to somewhere else.

Back to the African and Oceana galleries. I walked around and around again and could not spot this mortar. I was thinking it would be about the size of a toaster – it was kind of a kitchen “appliance”, no? Couldn’t find it. I showed the picture of it from The Met’s website and asked the guard if she had ever see it. The both of us walked round and round. No luck. I thanked her and decided to sketch a statuette with a bunch of stuff hanging off of it – including one acorn – that I earlier decided was too difficult to clearly sketch. Too much hanging stuff. The guard found me while I was wandering here and there and let me know she found the mortar. It was tiny – really tiny – stuck among other tiny things. The guards here are very nice.

There are sooo many coffee pots in this museum but I couldn’t resist this one.

Of course I couldn’t pass up this painting. Didn’t quite manage to get everything in but I’m satisfied.

Everyday in May 2018. Sketched from direct observation.

Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen, Tombow dual brush