I seem to have lucked out, so far, crowds-wise. There are people everywhere in the museum but it feels very low density. I sketch and they walk around me or stand in front of the artwork. I wait for them to move and marvel at how many take phone pictures but don’t look at the art at all. The guards notice me but leave me alone even when I’m fumbling with my baggie full of markers. Shhh.

This guy was super shiny. I spotted him right away. My reaction was a big grin.

Gallery 171 has hundreds/thousands of small objects/fragments grouped in different categories. There is a map of the room on the wall directing you according to what era/material/geographic location etc. I had no trouble locating this guy – limestone/terra-cotta statues on the map – easy peasy.

Item #8 was also in gallery 171. At the entrance I asked the guard if he knew where I would find it. He looked at the map and gave me his guess and off I wandered, searching. I found it conveniently located next to a bench where I deposited all my things and started drawing. A little while later the guard appeared to make sure I found the fragment. A fragment with a mustache!

Everyday in May 2018. Sketched from direct observation.

Strathmore 400 Series mixed media paper; Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (hard tip), Pitt brush pen, Tombow dual marker. Again I messed up a background – #3 – acrylic paint at home fixed things.