I sat on a bench next to another sketcher and started drawing. A medium sized bird joined us and just started singing for a few minutes. “Ok ok. I’ll sketch you also. Relax.”

I wasn’t sure about this one but when I showed the notebook to my friend Benedicte a few days ago she recognized him immediately.


The woman on the right is Béliza from the symposium – well, really Luxembourg. I did a JKPP portrait of her a few months ago and recognized her name while on the hill waiting for the group photo in Chicago. Without benefit of wine I introduced myself. She was in NYC for a few days and joined the workshop. As soon as I started to sketch her she got up.

Obligatory view from my bench.


Marie Roberts didn’t let us rest for a second. As a special treat she posed so that we could capture the different subtleties in the way the light hit her all black outfit. Ok.

There was still time so I tried again. Fun but exhausting. Thank you Marie.

Moleskine gridded small notebook
Pilot Parallel Pen, Lyra Watersoluble Graphite 9B, Waterbrush