My rear end was hurting from sitting on my comfortable-for-just-so-long-and-not-a-second-longer stool so I went over to Starbucks and ate a yogurt and sketched. It’s amazing how long one can stretch out the eating of a tiny yogurt.

Then I hit the streets and walked in a big circle: through the financial district – eerily quiet on a Sunday; checked out the “L” (or is it “El” ?) entrance with the elevator (heavy luggage) for the next morning’s trip to the airport; found myself walking the Printers Row Sketchwalk in reverse looking for something I wanted to sketch the other day but not finding it and happy because I was all sketched out. It occurred to me that I should check out the lake so I walked through Grant Park, marveled at Buckingham Fountain, studied it awhile and simultaneously decided I could probably sketch it but I was hot, sun was beating down relentlessly and I was exhausted so I peeked at the lake and walked back towards the hotel and shade while messaging about dinner and “where are you, Benedicte?” I finally reached the shade and everything got sorted out.

Stillman and Birn Alpha Series sketchbook, Staedtler Pigment Pen 07, Pitt brush pen.