Yesterday was a cold, very wet day and I was wondering how they were going to handle things. Very well, it turned out. Everyone was given a board with a large piece of velum and a large piece of heavy drawing paper. The elevator took us to the Sixth floor library (who knew?) where there was a covered balcony overlooking the museum’s sculpture garden and the old and new buildings across the street. There was graphite, colored pencils, crayon stick things and erasers. I have always been attracted to the buildings on 54th Street and was pleased to have an interesting view of them nestled amongst more modern skyscrapers. Rockefeller lived over there back in the day.

Then we were taken down to the second floor and onto the balcony outside the staff lounge – same view but from a lower vantage point.

We moved to the long corridor outside the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit and faced the buildings on 54th Street through the windows. I sat behind Joy, who was going to move because she thought she was blocking my view. I told her I sat there purposely. I had one of the crayon sticks and very rough watercolor paper. Wrong tool for the wrong paper and I struggled and gave up. But it worked like butter on the velum so I started over, sketched Joy, decided to trace my second drawing since time was passing rapidly. I discovered that the graphite smears really well on velum and got a nice gray.

I had no time to scan the drawings so these are just photos from iPat.

Various papers, graphite, crayon.