How lucky am I. I was sitting on a bench in the shade of a few large trees and a group decided to have their picnic/get together right in front of me. It took that guy quite awhile to get the bubble thing working.

Goodbyes took a long time. Lucky me again.

I asked a park worker (she was painting a metal fence) where the ladies room was – this was a park and I required very exact directions. On my way from the worker to the “facilities” I spotted this pair so I changed my plans. They were quite close to my bench and kept turning their heads in my direction. A little disconcerting but I was in the groove.

Ah ha! They weren’t looking at me at all. Friends showed up with lunch. Meanwhile, the worker who gave me directions passed by and asked if I found it. “I’m still on my way there” I replied as I sat and sketched. Mark walked by in the other direction headed to a bodega and Karen jogged past me energetically. I resumed heading towards the ladies when I spotted Peggy sketching.

Oh yeah, by the way, the humongous Triborough Bridge was crossing over the park from the Bronx and Manhattan, there were trillions of trees, a large body of water, all sorts of boats, another bridge, Hellsgate Bridge – but …

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate