iPat demanded to make an appearance. This model was part of a 6-hour posing pair. There wasn’t a good view of the fellow sitting at her feet. I did manage to capture him in the large drawing I did beforehand on Kraft paper. After 6-hours they were replaced by a new pair.

At another station this model took the place of an earlier one – also posing for 6-hours. I did the charcoal sketch first and then iPat took a turn. Since the pose was kept the same I was able to walk about, sketch somewhere else and return.

The man in front of me was painting the other model of this duo. She was dressed very elaborately in a turban and white lace gown. The two women were not “together” just on the same raised dias. They seemed to be posing for the whole 12 hours. They were there when I arrived and this was the last drawing I did just before I left.

I sketched on four sides of two sheets of Kraft paper before I took out the charcoal or iPat. Eventually the paper will be covered with acrylic paint and formed into another book.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate