Last Saturday after work (I started earlier than usual – which is very early – and left at noon) I took a train into the city. The Salmagundi Club was having a whole day Draw-a-Thon from noon to midnight and I wanted to be there for as long as I could manage which turned out to be 7 hours.

I had 4 plans. One of them, after I scoped out the arrangements, I abandoned. Since the press downstairs would be available I thought I might try a monotype from life drawing but I realized it would be too messy and potentially disastrous to be walking up and down stairs, avoiding easels and sitting, standing, milling around artists while carrying an inked plate and tools. Yikes!

Everything else worked out as I had hoped. There were five areas set up with seven models, nude and costumed. Two were doing short gestural poses and the rest were hours long poses.

My 3 other plans worked out fine and I walked around, sketched all the clothed/costumed models, alternating methods, leaving and returning.

Gridded notebook; charcoal; stump; kneaded eraser.