This elephant was relatively easy to find. In fact, almost everywhere you look in The Met there is an animal of one kind or another. So why would I be doing a scavenger hunt for this particular item. There is no coherent reason except it was in the same section, all the way at the other end of the humongous museum, as the “transparent” item #23 (yes, I could have drawn my drinking glass at home but that’s not the point) so I figured it was better than wandering all over the place. My feet ached the same but that’s what happens. Of course, the elephant was below eye level and poorly lit so I wasn’t very sure of the color but…I don’t think I’ll worry about that.

Going to the museum with the list is a lot of fun actually. I always find things that I would just normally pass by and find myself in new-to-me areas.

Everyday in May 2017.
Sketched from direct observation.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate