I covered one side of the Kraft paper the first hour hour.

The next hour I flipped it over and covered the back with thick waxy lines.

After 4 hours I had achieved exactly what I came for – 2 sheets covered front and back. I wasn’t interested in the competition. One look around revealed that some very serious artists had shown up. Maybe I was the only one relaxed and having fun?

At the end of the evening, while drawings were being presented to the judges, I slipped my sketch-covered Kraft paper back into the pad. The first part of my plan was successfully finished. At home in the following days the next part, painting, folding and binding the drawings into a book went exactly as I envisioned it.

Kraft paper (both sides of two sheets), mechanical pencil, lithography pencil. At home: acrylic paint; waxed thread for binding into an 8 page pamphlet.