The other week found me in The Salmagundi Club where the Drawing New York Meetup Group organized a Portrait and Figure Drawing competition. There were three models. One figure model assumed the same pose for the entire 4 hours, one changed position each hour and the portrait model also kept the same pose for the duration. Every 20 minutes there was a break.

My attention wanders so every time my model took a break I moved to another spot and sketched the same pose from a different angle.

We were all obeying Simon’s exhortations for silence during the poses.

Since everyone was so focused no one noticed me scratching away on some brown Kraft paper with a clunky waxy lithography pencil. I wasn’t going for finesse – I had a plan.

Kraft paper (both sides of two sheets), mechanical pencil, lithography pencil. At home: acrylic paint; waxed thread for binding into an 8 page pamphlet.