Two of my Penn Station Commuter monotypes (you’ve seen them recently) are hanging in the Hofstra Northwell Health School of Medicine “Celebration of Visual Art Exhibit”. Last evening was the reception. It was a very extensive, varied and nicely displayed exhibit – much effort went into putting it all together. There were refreshments and a large area with comfortable seating and tables. I circled around the art a few times (more than a few) discreetly admiring mine and then found a strategically placed chair and sketched.

Lisa B. Martin, the person behind this wonderful effort, spoke for awhile, and then introduced the judge – Katherine Hillman from Nassau County Museum of Art – who awarded Third and Second Place Awards. I heard my name – First Place! – Yikes!! Big smiley face.

Then, another Yike!, I had conversations with four strangers! I NEVER speak to people at these things.

Drawing: iPadPro; Pencil; Apps Used: Procreate
Framed artwork : monotypes