I wasn’t going to go there again. I figured I’d visit the library and the mall food court and Barnes and Noble – places that had served me well in the past sketch-wise. The car had other plans and I ended up at the busiest Panera. I ordered a sandwich and coffee and settled at an unfavorable table but a better one opened up before I could bemoan that fact. I moved all my stuff and sketched the first guy. Then the best table in the corner opened up so I moved all my stuff again.

People came and went and they all settled long enough that I finished sketching and adding color to Ten People and my sandwich still had the toothpicks holding the halves together. I put iPat away and ate half of the sandwich and drank some of the tepid coffee. A new bunch of people arrived and out came iPat and before long the next Ten People bit the dust. I finished my lunch, refreshed the coffee and read my library book and ignored People.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate