I was reading my book. More commuters boarded with each stop the train made. Soon this little threesome formed. I waited until we arrived at Jamaica and they stayed put. iPat switched from novel mode to super duper sketch mode in a flash and was finished when the train entered the tunnel under the East River. I resumed reading.

On the Q train I managed to capture one rider – 72nd Street came much too soon. I walked, in the rain, to Sotheby’s on York Avenue where Benedicte, Shirley and I were meeting. It is Asia Week and we are fans of Contemporary Southeast Asian art. We spent a few hours copying our favorites.

Afterwards (yes, stomachs were growling – again) we went to a coffee shop on 77th and Second Avenue. A very noisy little boy was celebrating his birthday.

We stayed chatting for hours. Well, I was sketching and listening.

Benedicte and I walked up to Fifth Avenue – she had an appointment (ha ha ha) at the Frick – and I wanted to take the bus to Penn Station. There was a 30 minute wait until my train was called so, at iPat’s insistence we sketched some more.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Procreate