One day last month I noticed that there was going to be a nearly free ($3) three hour workshop taught by printmakers from EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop at The Studio Museum in Harlem. I jumped at the chance to learn about Pronto Plate Lithography. I’ve done stone lithography before but HATED lugging around a very heavy stone. Gotta be nuts. Anyway, these plates are lighter than a feather and you can draw on them with practically anything. I decided to sketch a JKPPer. They gave each of us a Sharpie marker and an ordinary ballpoint pen (plus litho ink, brayer, bowl of water, sponge), a 10 minute demonstration and set everyone loose. They helped us with the press.

JKPP = Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (referred to photo put on JKPP Flickr Group supplied by subject for this purpose) I found the reference photo on Flickr when I was searching for someone else.

Pronto plate, Sharpie marker, ballpoint pen, litho ink, printmaking paper, etching press.