I bought a jar of Akua Waterbased Intaglio Ink and tried mono printing on a small square of plexiglass on my boardonironingboard studio annex. It works! My first try needed a bit of touch up with some of the ink and a brush – but not much.

I tried printing a ghost image but it was too pale and washed out. Almost tossed in the trash but decided to see what would happen if I painted over it with acrylic. Warhol-ish Jill.

And, of course, I tried a transfer monotype which worked nicely. Maybe less ink on the plate would be better. Someday I’ll paint this one also.

JKPP = Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (referred to photo put on JKPP Flickr Group supplied by subject for this purpose)

Akua Ink, plexiglass, paper (Japanese and something else)