We turned the corner on East 63rd Street and ran smack dab into Intrepid 24 Hour Radio Reporter Cone covering a Major Water Emergency.

Our destination was further up the block, closer to Fifth Avenue. We had to cautiously make our way past the Rescue Cone, ready to leap in if any of the Water Department Cones get swept away in the deluge. The tension in the air was palpable.

Fortunately, as we neared our destination, we spotted the EPA Special Unit Cones well underway with the cleanup. They paused to aid us as we crossed the street.

Inside Academy Mansion (google it, interesting how the other half spends money), 2 East 63rd, I discovered the bathrooms were out of order (ha! ) but I was able to see that the emergency was almost over, conveniently at end of shift, and Slacker Cone had already clocked out and was watching its buddy, Engineer Cone, shut down machinery.

We had a silly, fun filled day of art, tiny elevators, friendly gallery owners and dogs, and were exhausted.