Don’t jump to hasty conclusions. Just because Cones appear, at first glance, to be dumb and lazy – well, let me demonstrate the variety found along Madison Avenue and some cross streets as Shirley, Benedict and I went into gallery after gallery during Master Drawings New York 2017.

Phd candidate Cones proving scientifically,

and leaving no doubt, that climate change is real and the earth is heating up.

Cones hate it when people trip so they will go to extremes to ensure that Safety Prevails. OSHA loves them.

But, as with all life, there are bad apples such as this Cone which is obviously contemplating committing a Felony Grand Larceny. Disreputable looking fellow.

Traffic was horrible on Madison Avenue. It seemed to be louder and more chaotic than usual. We finally glommed onto the reasons.

Stay tuned.