One December Saturday I went into the city for an all day Monotype Madness held at the Salmagundi Club. I arrived at 10 am and crawled out at 6:30 pm with lots of prints and a tired smile. I had a plan and after I finished a series of prints depicting Penn Station commuters I started on the next phase – monoprinting JKPP portraits – working from photos I reversed in iPat. I started with a mistake that turned into a learning opportunity. The plan was to first do a transfer monotype, re-ink the copper plate and then do a dark field method monotype of the same image. Well, the joke was on me, too much ink on the plate left my transfer print image as a big black blob. Picture me kicking myself. I saw that the copper plate still had ink and the lines from my drawing were clearly visible so, throwing caution to the wind I proceeded to wipe away and, since I wasn’t sure if there actually was enough ink left for a decent print, I relaxed and worked quickly and looser than ever.

JKPP = Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (referred to photo put on JKPP Flickr Group supplied by subject for this purpose)

Dark field (subtractive) monotype which then went through the press. Oil based printing ink, Arches printmaking paper, etching press.