I went into the city on a Saturday and Sunday one recent weekend. Both days I ate breakfast in Au Bon Pain because Central Market seems to be either “no more” or will eventually emerge brand new from behind the construction plywood that has taken over a few storefronts. Fingers crossed that it comes back in a form that allows for lingering. Anyway, the old man who sleeps at a table with a cup of coffee and newspaper in front of him was there both days. He sleeps soundly and doesn’t shift and twitch. This is my fourth drawing of him which I did on the Saturday. On Sunday he was sound asleep at a central table, across the room, facing me. A rare view of him but, after weighing my priorities, I decided to eat instead of sketch. Well, I got a surprise, he woke up, gathered his coffee cup and paper and left. Too bad for me, I thought. But wait. A little while later he returns and sits at a closer table and opens a new cup of coffee and a buttered roll and eats his breakfast. When he finished he checked the contents of an envelope – remember when you’d get paid cash in an envelope? – that’s what flashed through my mind. Then he fell asleep again but now I know he is a pretty spry (when awake) Very Old man.

At another table this woman emptied her purse of all sorts of papers, put them in a big pile on the table, tore them into itty bitty shredder-like pieces, and filled a large size coffee cup to over-flowing.

iPadPro; Pencil
Apps Used: Tayasui Sketches Pro; Sketch Club