One day, a couple of Sundays ago, I joined Simon Leventhal’s Drawing New York MeetUp Group, for a 4-hour gouache workshop taught by illustrator Jenny Kroik. It was a very thorough lesson on the properties and use of the paint, paper and brushes. She discussed drawing quick thumbnails to solidify your design idea before committing it to the good paper. Then everyone started painting. I referred to a photo I snapped in Chelsea of a long line of construction workers on their lunch break and winnowed it down to a few of them and a vertical layout. Time simply flew by. iPat was a little annoyed that her role in this adventure was only as a Displayer of the Inspiration.

Watercolor paper (140 lb, Arches I think), referred to one of my photos, pencil, watercolor brushes, water, gouache, Pitt fine pen.