I walked back through the park and spotted the weekday NYC Urban Sketchers at tables and sat for awhile looking around trying to decide what to sketch. It was too bright and my eyes were still fully dilated so I headed off to find some more shade.

Earlier in the park I had noticed a very tall man with a very chubby large dog standing very still facing in the same direction. I commented to him that they looked like they were waiting for a bus. He showed me a hawk that was high up in one of the trees. Suddenly it swooped down, grabbed a mouse, looked around as if considering its location and swiftly took its prey up into the trees again. Nature next to the Flatiron Building and zillions of tourists, a loudspeaker announcing contest winners, a Shake Shack and all sorts of lunchers.

Sketched from direct observation. Color added later at home. Moleskine cahier, pen, Pitt brush pens.