On the last day Marilyn told us to sketch people for 15 minutes. No problem. I waited until everyone settled down, found my spot and did what I do.

Next she told us to go into the park and find things to sketch. I’d been cutting through the park to get to the workshop every day and had already scoped out a view I wanted to sketch. I leaned on a wall between tables and looked across the large swath of lawn towards the buildings on 40th Street.

When we all gathered together at the Art Cart tables Marilyn showed us how to add collage to our sketchbook pages and how to use markers to add grays or colors. We finally had permission to use something besides the pen.

I walked up to Seventh Avenue to catch a bus downtown. I planned on joining the weekday NYC Urban Sketchers for a couple of hours. Every other bus came by in multiples but not the one I needed. It was hot and after 45 minutes of waiting I just walked down to Penn Station and went home. Why didn’t I take the subway? Well, as I was walking to Seventh Avenue I spotted TV news vans and I inquired as to what was happening and I was told there was a slasher loose at the Bryant Park station. So I looked for a never-coming bus.

Moleskine cahier, pen; sketched on location.