The next morning Marilyn Rose talked about making composite sketchbook pages and demonstrated by having us follow her as she sketched this and that. My first sketch was done just before she started the workshop and Fortitude was added as I followed her with the group.

The demonstration took about 30 minutes and then she sent us off. I sketched facing the library and then turned around to face Fifth Avenue. We met up after about 40 minutes for more discussion. (Psst. Joaquin, below, is also from Figure al Fresco).

The next time she sent us out I walked around the library on 40th street thinking I would enter the park. Instead, I was “attracted” to the hard hat guy and decided to lean against the park wall and sketch the confusion of a building going up/renovated.

Moleskine cahier, pen; sketched on location.
Color added later at home using Pitt Brush pens. Commercial alphabet stamps; StayzOn pigment ink.