I signed up for “Artists’ Studio Workshop: Urban Sketching with Marilyn Rose”, a two hour/three morning drawing workshop, last week, held in Bryant Park as part of their Art Cart. When she saw me she asked “Why?” I said “It’s free!” The 15 or maybe 20 participants ran the gamut from sketchers to those who haven’t drawn since third grade.

Marilyn started each session with a brief urban sketching lesson by doing a quick, clear and concise demonstration. The Art Cart people provided everyone with sketch books and pens and Marilyn sent us off for our first sketch with instructions to return in about 30 minutes. Everyone laid out their books and Marilyn continued her lesson by briefly commenting and giving suggestions. She then sent us out again and went around to everyone while they sketched.

These first three sketches were done with a continuous line – my rules – which was very freeing while using a pen since there is no point in fussing over mistakes. Just fix or ignore.

On the last day she demonstrated, using the Art Cart supplies, how to add grays and add collage to cover something up or to add text or correct the drawing. All my collage was used to cover up my lame attempt at drawing the steps and parts of the library building. Perspective Bah!


For this drawing I was leaning on a wall with my back to the library looking out over Fifth Avenue. Should have stuck with continuous line.

Moleskine cashier, pen – sketched on location at NYC Library/Bryant Park.
Pitt brush pens and collage added later at home. Hand carved and commercial alphabet stamps; Stayz On Pigment ink pads.