Picture this: I arrived at the train station Very Early because I am paranoid that all the parking spaces in the lot will be taken by those who are unfortunately going into the city to work, not to laugh and have fun. You know – the commuters that I like to draw. So, the train platforms are in front of me and up over my head. I’m in my car sipping hot coffee and reading. The eastbound platform is closest to me, then the two sets of train tracks and, finally, the westbound platform up in the distance. The westbound side heads to the city and is populated with commuters. There is a bench up there and the station ticket office and waiting room. It was a beautiful morning so there were two people sitting on the bench and others standing around. The bench sitters were Very Far Away from me and Very Tiny plus I could only see them between barrier rails. So I did a one-line drawing, following my rules, and was surprised.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)