Sandra and I, clutching what we had just made while at MOMA, walked uptown on the park side of Fifth Avenue until we reached the Frick across the street on 70th. It was Wednesday Night Sketch and we still had the desire to keep sketching. The walk from 54th seemed quicker than usual, perhaps because instead of talking to myself I had someone to chat with.

To my surprise I homed in on this portrait immediately and parked myself smack dab in front of it, gridded Staples notebook and mechanical pencil at the ready on my lap.

Gridded notebook, Pencil and then Sharpie fine pen, photographed using iPad and then imported into Sketch Club where, referring to a google image of the portrait (no snapping pics in the Frick), I added color. Cleaning up the gray page due to poor lighting when photographing the sketch and texture added in ArtRage.