A handful of the NYC Urban Sketchers took the subway (F train?) up to 14th Street. We were headed to the NYC Plein Air Paint-Out in Union Square. Oops. We all forgot about the massive Gay Pride Parade and when we hit the street from the underground we discovered that it was separating us from the park. Millions (not exaggerating) of smiling happy spectators, floats, bands, balloons and cops between us and where we wanted to be.

Anyway. Everything has a solution. By the time we arrived in the park I was hot and pooped so, since I know this place, I walked around until I spotted this interesting group in conjunction with a shady bench and I went to work.

Refreshed after an hour of sketching in the shade I went searching for Mark, checking out all the plein air oil painters I passed, and found him plein airing in the middle of lawn sun bathers. I walked around and found my next victim and asked her if she minded. “Not at all” she replied.

While I was sketching Jeff turned up and left me in charge of his stuff while he went in search of the restroom. He came back with bottles of cold water and cookies. Just what was needed. Now, this blond woman comes around, ascertains that we are NYC Urban Sketchers and asks if we have seen Jason Das. No, we haven’t. But then, during conversation, Jeff and Susan discover that they are Instagram friends – a couple of years – small world. Mark shows up and as per usual he starts sketching and I sketch and everybody is sketching. The parkies come by and inform us that the lawn area of the park will be closing and we have to leave. That’s when we run into Jason Das.

It was about 8:00 now. The others decided to go somewhere for a beer, but, it takes so long for me to get home, I decided to leave them and walk up to Penn Station. I actually had the right amount of energy left. Problem. The parade was between me and where I wanted to be again. I walked uptown asking cops along the way where the end of the parade was. Fortunately at 30th Street they were opening the barriers and I scurried westward.

I slept really well that night.

The End.

Class brochure from an art school, cut down to a smaller size, collaged with book pages, gessoed. Binding is a hair scrunchy thingy – perhaps someday it will be pamphlet bound. Drawn on location while on the Lower East Side and Union Square one Sunday with the NYC Urban Sketchers. Pencil, Sharpie Fine pen, Pitt brush pens.