Lunch was in Chinatown. I had noodle soup – the soup and noodles came separately – I kept them separate but everyone else threw the noodles into the soup. It’s hard to take me anywhere. During this noodle eating I was also sketching, listening to the autobiographical conversations across from me and at the same time having my portrait drawn by Jeff. I can do many things at the same time.

At the Chinatown Produce Market I walked until I spotted my victim. I asked her if she minded if I sketched her and I think it was ok but I really don’t know if she understood me. Anyway, she was standing still so I assumed she was posing but I wasn’t ready yet. I had to get my stool opened and my drawing tools out and that’s when she started moving around. Sigh. Periodically she would walk over and see what I was doing and, expressionless, walk away. Sigh. When I was almost finished a little boy sat next to me and watched. I asked if the cart belonged to his family and what was the name of the business. I wanted to put it on the drawing. He told me it was “food cart”. Sigh.

Someone came to collect me – it was time to head over to the subway.

Stay tuned.

Class brochure from an art school, cut down to a smaller size, collaged with book pages, gessoed. Binding is a hair scrunchy thingy – perhaps someday it will be pamphlet bound. Drawn on location while on the Lower East Side and Union Square one Sunday with the NYC Urban Sketchers. Pencil, Sharpie Fine pen, Pitt brush pens.