Time was running out. It was 8:40 when I was about to start the third monotype of the evening. Usually I leave at 9:00 but, as soon as I ascertained that printing would not stop until 9:30, I talked myself into not caring what time I left and chose a simpler sketch in iPat to work from. This was a guy lounging around on a bench in Union Square Park and was originally drawn in a Moleskine with gridded paper. I’m afraid I turned it into a bit of a rush job but it turned out ok.

The walk to the Seventh Avenue subway turned out to be a bit iffy but uneventful. At least I learned not to walk on that side of 14th Street at that hour. The #1 came right away and my train was waiting for me when I arrived in Penn Station.

Copper plate (plexiglass and zinc plates were also available); oil-based printing ink; Arches printing paper (dampened); thinner paper (forget the name – Japanese paper I think) for printing a ghost image; printing press.