They opened a couple of different galleries in the Frick Collection for us on this evening. I arrived a bit late so there were already sketchers busy at work. I walked through both galleries, scanning the walls, until I spotted something I wanted to copy – a Degas. I had to fit my stool behind some people but I had a good, if distant, view. I decided not to stress the details, chose a section of the painting that would be an interesting snippet and sketched in my gridded Moleskine what I could make out or, what I thought I was seeing. When I decided the drawing was complete I walked up to the painting and, careful not to block the other’s view, checked out some details that puzzled me, in particular the ballerina’s fingers. I reworked them while I could see them close up. The other bits I wanted to check seemed to be basically ok so I called the drawing “done” and made some color notes in the margins for referral when at home.

Gridded notebook and pencil, photographed using iPad and then imported into Sketch Club where color was added, at home, while referring to a photo from the Frick’s website. Lines were gone over with pen later at home before photo was taken. ArtRage used for texture only.