I reached 14th Street with a little time to spare, no traffic slowing the bus down, so I had a coffee in Whole Foods and read my book until it was time to walk over to the Salmagundi Club and the monthly Monotype Party. If you remember, and I know you all do, my monotypes 1, 2 & 3 were inspired by the art of Diebenkorn and Münter. This time I decided to reference some of my own drawings. The monotype below is from a sketch of sketchers at the Frick one Wednesday evening. The third Sketcher is a bit hard to make out but I learned from this attempt.

Copper plate (plexiglass and zinc plates were also available); oil-based printing ink; Arches printing paper (dampened); thinner paper (forget the name – Japanese paper I think) for printing a ghost image; printing press.