Like everybody else in the world I have a large number of paintbrushes, chopsticks, skewers and other miscellaneous objects in a coffee can. I keep it in a corner on my tiny 1950’s kitchen counter. Since my “cooking” techniques take up very little space and my art making practice has a tendency to spread and has taken over the kitchen it is the logical place to keep it. I got the bright idea to draw the paintbrush filled coffee can as a monotype using the dark field method on the Gelli plate. I was curious how it would work and had visualized a very intricate drawing such as I am able to produce on a copper plate. I decided to use the small 3″x5″ plate. Ha! It didn’t take long for me to realize that no super drawing was coming from me that day.

(Aside: the technique is perfectly do-able on this plate. I didn’t have the correct slow-drying acrylic or a retarder and should have used a larger plate. Will definitely try again.)

Everyday in May 2016: Drawn from direct observation on a Gelli Plate using the Dark Field Method and acrylic ink. Black Pitt Brush Pen; hand carved coffee cup eraser stamp; commercial letter and number stamps; StazOn pigment stamp ink. When the month is completed it will be bound as a book with a spiral coil.