The other week, while Shirley and I were at the Salmagundi Club, we discovered that there is a Monotype Party one evening a month. I haven’t done a monotype using a proper press in about a zillion years and I found myself interested enough that I infected Benedicte and Mark also. The three of us met up that evening at Whole Foods on 14th Street and after some quick nourishment went to the “party”.

I have quite a few “inspiration” images stored in iPat so I chose a few and after the copper plate was covered in black oil-based printing ink I proceeded to work by removing ink, leaving white and gray areas. IPat was on my lap and I referred to the image on the screen until it was time to improvise.

This resultant print is a reverse of the inspiration photo.

This is the reference photo living in iPat that I used for my foray back into the world of printmaking.

Copper plate (plexiglass and zinc plates were also available); oil-based printing ink; Arches printing paper (dampened); thinner paper (forget the name – Japanese paper I think) for printing a ghost image; printing press.