Right now in NYC it is Asia Week and many galleries, museums and auction houses all over the city are participating. Shirley and I are great fans of Southeast Asian contemporary art so we spent a couple of happy hours at Sotheby’s on York Avenue and 72nd Street. We go to look at the art and to decide which to copy. Choosing is always a problem but when I spotted the Matisse-like (to my eye) painting my choice was made for me. I found myself copying it in its entirety.

P.S. One of the assistants who help with inquiries and will move a painting for better viewing if requested, etc., discreetly passed by me a few times, peeking, and later asked if the color was coming out of the thing (stylus) I was drawing with.

(This is just a snippet about the artist from Wikipedia:
“Ara was born in Bolarum, Secunderabad in April 1914, the son of a chauffeur. His mother died when he was three and his father remarried. He ran away from home to Mumbai when he was seven. The city remained his home until his death in 1985.[2]

In Mumbai he earned a living by cleaning cars and later found employment with an English family as a houseboy. While employed he nevertheless found time to engage with his passion for painting and it soon caught the attention of first Rudy von Leyden, an art critic from the Times of India, and then Walter Langhammer, the Editor of the Illustrated Weekly of India. Langhammer was so impressed by Ara’s skill that had him enrolled at the J.J. School of Art.[4]

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.

Apps Used: Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)