After Everyone finished their Very Abstract final paintings – very messy because we were encouraged to do dripping á la Jackson Pollack – we were treated to a birthday cake in honor of one of the students who was sick and unable to join us. See. I told you they were very nice at MOMA. Good cake also.

I walked up to 70th Street for the free drawing session at the Frick Collection from 5-7:30. A different set of galleries were chosen for this session. What the heck. I took my own pencil and my own notebook out of the purse and proceeded to copy a section of one of the three Vermeers owned by the Frick. I enjoyed this tremendously and I think it shows. Also I think it went smoothly because I was using my own office supply pencil and paper instead of proper museum art supplies.

The lighting in this place is dim and it is hard to judge colors so I wrote a list of what the colors were that I believed I was seeing and added them at home using a very happy iPat. I’m only certain of the red and white.

This is the notebook drawing, photographed casually using iPat, where I dealt with making the paper white and then sending it to Sketch Club where I painted.

Gridded notebook and Papermate mechanical pencil, photographed using iPad and then imported into ArtRage and Sketch Club where color was added at home.