I left MOMA at 4:00 and discovered it was pouring now so I could no longer ignore my umbrella. My next destination was the Frick up on 70th Street. I considered trying to catch a bus on Madison but since I was feeling good and still had energy to spare I decided to splash through puddles for the 17 blocks. Since I stayed on the Central Park side of Fifth Avenue and only had to stop at a couple of corners the walk went quickly and I arrived at the Frick with time to spare. I went over to Madison Avenue looking for a snack (there are No Snacks for 4 blocks in either direction!!!) and finally, puddle splashing all the way, found a deli on 74th.

Back at the Frick I got my wet self sorted, checked my coat, etc., collected a stool, pencil and eraser and wandered around the selected galleries. I decided to sketch the portrait to the right of St. Jerome (I’ve copied him before – even made a fun foam stamp of him – by El Greco who’s probably rolling in his grave) but, will I never learn, hated using the pencil even though I was drawing in my own gridded notebook which I like doing. In my defense, the lighting was such that my shadow fell on my book and I was having difficulty seeing the pencil line. I picked up my stool, clutched the pencil and wandered around until I found a nice arrangement of sketchers in a long narrow sculpture gallery. I put the pencil on the floor and did what I like to do.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)