We stayed a long time on the 8th floor of 24 West 57th Street. Time passed easily and smoothly in that gallery but it was time to get moving.

Next stop was the 7th floor to check out a show that the internet told us was already closed. We are hopeful people and were rewarded for that. “Joaquin Torres-Garcia: One Man Show” was still on view at Gary Nader Art Center and is a nice addition to the current show at MOMA.

On the 4th floor at Marian Goodman we were thrilled to discover “William Kentridge: More Sweetly Play the Dance”, 2015, an 8 Channel HD video installation and “Notes Toward a Model Opera”, 2015, a 3 channel HD video installation in an adjacent gallery space. This was such a total surprise to us.

John Szoke, Works on Paper of Picasso and Munch, was located on the 3rd floor. Another magical gallery showing various states of Picasso etchings and other prints. By chance, we mentioned the Kentridge video installation to the man in this gallery and he told us to go out the door and walk all the way down the hallway where there was more Kentridge.

Off we went, past a poster announcing an exhibit. We arrived at locked doors with a 1/4″ gap that we were able to peek through. Tantalizing drawings on the wall. We started salivating. Shirley opened a door into an office and asked if we could go in. The door was unlocked and we had access to “William Kentridge: Drawings for Lulu” which closed in December but was still hung.
Ink drawings done on dictionary pages, in preparation for an opera, covered the walls. This was a Marian Goodman annex space.

Happy, smiling and way past lunchtime, we left the magical building and crossed 57th to have lunch in a place recommended by a woman in a shop where Shirley was killing time before we met up. The restaurant was long, very skinny and very crowded when we arrived but there was a booth for the four of us and an entertaining waiter, good food and a free sample of frozen yogurt at the end of the meal.

Also, Teri was not appalled at her portrait. “That’s Me!”, she said with a smile.

(The Kentridge installations are on You Tube but, of course, you miss the experience of being almost surrounded by the movement and the music and it is hard to see the wonderful charcoal scenery drawings that are in constant flux. Still it is worthwhile to watch. The drawings on dictionary pages can be googled and looked at in detail.)

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)