Our destination at the Morris Museum was the quilt exhibition “Text Messages” which turned out to be wonderful. But first, immediately after paying the admission and hanging up our coats, we were waylaid by the “Interactive Workshop – Demo at 2pm” in the Musical Machines & Living Dolls gallery on the main level. Normally we would have passed by this area but all of us are suckers for “workshops” and “demos”. It pretty much doesn’t matter what kind of demo, we’ll show up. We sat on tiny stools with a few little kiddies and their moms and listened to the lecture and demo on the history of automated musical boxes and instruments. Very interesting but the kids got restless and wandered off, their moms trailing behind them, and the lecturer started talking adultese. The sound that emanated from the later musical boxes was unbelievable. Then we were shown more automated, coin operated, instruments like a violin (cost a nickel and it was played for us) and banjo. Next came the automated “living” dolls – one of which was an artist sketching in a sketch book while the four of us sketchers looked on in awe. He moved around on his stool, shifted position, sketched, fidgeted, etc.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)