The Wednesday before was spent in MOMA attending a special program they have occasionally: Prime Time. On this day we attended a gallery talk led by our favorite educator. Stools were provided, everyone traipsed up to the fourth floor Picasso Sculpture exhibition and settled in front of selected pieces where we were led in a discussion. After about an hour in the galleries we all went back downstairs and were eased through a series of exercises utilizing paper, cardboard, scissors and tape and culminating in a 3D sculpture of our own. Way across the room was a man with white hair and a white beard (! Santa !) so I did a 3D portrait of him. Of course it was exquisite but I trashed it anyway. Forgot to take a pic of it. Duh.

I must have just missed a train because I had about a 45 minute wait which was just fine with me.

My train gate was announced. Had to hustle to get a seat.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)