During one iteration of the daily walk this is the point where I turn right and walk along the strip mall on “my” side of the neighborhood big street. The Italian restaurant is behind me to my right. I want to draw this view but the parking spaces, during the daytime, usually contain cars from the service station on the next block. I don’t begrudge them the spaces because I never have a problem getting sudden auto problems resolved there. I stopped and snapped a picture – something I pretty much never do – and kept walking. I thought that I would use the pic as a guide for, I don’t know, figuring out things. I also thought that I would drive back there after my walk but I felt too lazy so I used it as a reference for this freehand sketch.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club (ArtRage for texture only)
Used my photo as reference.