I yelled “Road Trip!” and iPat quivered and jumped into my purse. Ginger Gold leapt out of the bowl and rolled to the front door saying “me too, me too”, making sure not to be overlooked. The weather was yucky and I decided to do my walking mileage and some sketching at the mall. Ginger Gold balked when it became obvious the yuckiness outdoors consisted of pouring rain so, to keep the situation calm, I delayed my departure and sketched for a bit. Having permission, I drove to the mall, huffed and puffed my way round and round and once more round and then settled in the food court (oops – excuse me – Dining District) with a lemonade and continued adding to Ginger’s portrait.

Maybe, instead, it is Self-Portrait With Cranky Apple.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club (ArtRage for texture only)